Transfer your videos & films to DVDs!

Let Make A Scene Studios help get your precious family and personal videotapes and old 8mm film transferred to DVD! We can also duplicate exisiting DVDs!

Video Tape
$30    transfer up to 2hrs in length to a DVD Video formats: VHS / VHS-C / SVHS / 8MM / Hi8 / MiniDV / DVCAM / BetaSP
$15       Setup fee
$12.50  50ft reel
$25      100ft reel
200ft reel

$100     400ft reel
8mm/Super 8 film cleaning and lubrication and transfer to DVD. Rate is based on 25 cents a foot plus a one time setup fee.

DVD/CD Copies

$10    1st copy
$4      add'l copies
DVD/CD duplication - includes text label and paper sleeve. ($10 1st copy fee is waivered for duplication of 7 or more DVD/CDs)
Video Editing
$30    per hour of editing time Video editing and DVD authoring services
  • We have a drop-off/pick-up location within the "Buccaneer Gift Shop" (the Coca-Cola collectible store) in downtown For Walton Beach, located a 153 Miracle Strip Parkway (near intersection of Hwy 98 & Eglin Parkway), click here for a map. Hours are between 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday, and 12-4pm on Sunday.
  • Turn-around time depends on how many video you have and our current workload.  Most 1-2 videotapes projects are completed within a 24-36 hour timeframe.  Most film projects within a week.
  • Please provide us with a "Title" for each videotape or film reels that we can print directly on the final DVD(s).  Consider that this DVD could be picked-up by someone in the future, so use complete names, dates, locations, etc... that will make the content of the DVD understandable by anyone.
  • Be sure to provide us with your contact information with your tapes/films.

Call 850-244-7100 or email us to learn how we can assist you in perserving your precious video memories for the future.